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Backflow refers to a process where the flow of contaminated water reverses and it enters clean water lines. This may take place at any location where dirty and clean water lines cross-connect, with a sudden change in water pressure being a common cause. Since dirty water is prone to contain human waste along with chemicals and pesticides, it can cause serious health implications. It is for this reason that most cities and municipalities require regular testing of backflow prevention systems.

At PA Mechanical, our experts are well-versed in NYC backflow legislation, so you don’t have to worry about any violations. Besides, we understand that the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires a professional engineer to design backflow prevention devices, a master plumber to oversee their installation, and a state-certified technician to test these systems.

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  • Master plumber to oversee installation
  • Skilled, professional, and friendly

Our team of experts looks after all your backflow prevention device-related woes that include getting permits and DEP-approved plans. We start by carrying out an inspection, followed by planning, installing, and inspecting your system to ensure that it functions in the right manner. No matter whether you need backflow prevention services for a residential building, a commercial building, or an industrial setup, PA Mechanical is here to help.

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My name is Nestor Ramos and I work for The Institute For Family Health, We have over 40 health centers between downstate New York city and upstate New York City. We have been doing business with PA Mechanical for about 6 years now and I don’t think I can cover all the remarkable work they have done for us, starting with their service department and their professional Mechanics that come to my sites. From ordering parts and items that the local plumbing supply store would not carry to their emergency crew when needed for tragedies that happen from cold weather to sprinkler issues to sewer backups. They are always on time every time.

I would highly recommend PA Mechanical for any plumbing issue you would have, no job to little or too big for them to handle.

Nestor Ramos
Facility supervisor
The Institute For Family Health

PA mechanical is one of the best vendors that I have at the standard hotel.Their customer service is impeccable and outstanding the mechanic and technicians are very professional. The 24 hour service is on point. Standard hotel has many emergencies throughout the day and throughout the year and that’s one company that I will put 100% faith in is PA mechanical. You can always reach the owner at any given time for emergencies he will drop anything and everything to take care of his customers.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is interested in using their service . I give this company five stars.

Lakshan Gunaratne
Director of Engineering

I am in the hotel industry and I have been using P.A Mechanical since 2016 and I have to say The customer service and communication is exceptional. PA Mechanical stands by their work and always does the right thing which is hard to come by.

John N